Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Raleigh Chopper & Chipper - "A Bicycle Isn't Just A Plaything"...

The Chopper bike, much loved 1970s icon was, of course, actually a 1960s design and arrived here in September 1969, having been launched in the USA in 1968. Here is an ad from October 1970...

Raleigh know what youngsters go for - Hot rod looks - rakish frames - The power and pounce you see on a racing circuit.

Packed with action features!

Like hi-rise 'apehanger' bars. Drag style saddle. Snap-action gear shift. And coil spring suspension. All promising the hottest ride you'll ever know.

I remember the Chopper (8 years upwards) of course - who doesn't - but not the Chipper (6 years upwards).

The Chopper did not really take off for a year or two yet, so more later. For some 1969 Chopper bike ads see here.

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Frank Purcell said...

My next door neighbour had a Chopper - red if I remember. One day I got home to find my mum and dad had bought me a yellow Chipper. Loved it but my next door neighbour would never let me forget it never had gears and was basically the Choppers poor relation. I was a year older than him too :-(