Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Bleak 1970s - But Not For MPs!

From the Sun, November 5, 1975. The Sun and the Mirror were respectively supporters of the Right (Conservative Party) and the Left (Labour Party) of the political spectrum. The old Liberal Party seemed nowhere as far as the tabloids or my family was concerned. "Tories in disguise!" was all my mother would say about them.

Here, the Sun was taking great pleasure from three facts:

1) The Labour Government had been informed by a treasury consultant that spending was out of control.

2) The National Union of Teachers had warned that there wasn't enough money to buy sufficient books for the nation's schoolchildren.

3) Spending was looking rather extravagant as far as our MPs were concerned.

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Kudos said...

It was a bleak and worrying decade and one in which Labour lost the plot. I remember the public spending cuts and spiralling unemployment.

However today's New Labour Party is a far more corrupt and evil machine than Old Labour EVER was.

New Labour? Terrifying Mutant Tories. And what about modern day devolution? It discriminates against every single man, woman and child resident in England!!

Meanwhile, Generation X sits by smugly, smirking about how bad the 1980s were (!) and lets it happen.