Monday, March 24, 2008

"I Know What I Like And I Like What I Know..."

"I know what I like and I like what I know..."

Was that phrase originally coined by Genesis on their 1973 album Selling England By The Pound?


My old Uncle Ern used to come out with it on a regular basis way before the '70s to defend his "stick-in-the-mud" ways to my go-ahead Auntie Vera and soap characters like Amos Brearly in Emmerdale Farm (not exactly a pop person) were sometimes heard to utter it.

And a mate of mine had a granny who regularly used it to describe "stick-in-the-mud" types she encountered.

It seems to have been in fairly widespread circulation.

Why has this come up? Well, basically, me and a few of the lads were talking about it last night in the pub...

Moving on, and in a packed post tonight we'll take a look at Rex King's Teletopics from the Weekly News, October 19, 1974...

Too many birthdays on the Golden Shot, Hughie Green on the Morecombe & Wise Show, the wonderful Sykes (the Bogsea episode was another brilliant retelling of a story from the original 1960s run of the series), Warship and a brand new series, Sweeney, being filmed in London. But would it challenge Kojak?

Meanwhile, big change for afternoon telly, with Marked Personal being replaced by new serial Rooms...

I remember both, particularly Marked Personal, which featured Stephanie Beacham. MP revolved around a company called "The BYA". But does anybody remember what those initials stood for? And what the company actually did? If so, please drop me a line!

I'd certainly sleep a lot easier...

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