Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unusual Ways Of Trying To Make Money Part 1

From the Sun, 1973. The '70s were a cash strapped time. My family had never been wealthy but in the '70s we really felt the pinch. And it wasn't that we were selfless, loving individuals - no, we dismissed all that hippie stuff spouted about the '70s nowadays as "'60s trash" back then, and even in the '60s you needed dosh to drop out. In the '70s, we wanted money, we lusted after money. But we never had any.

The ad above is one of my favourite '70s artificates. "Hair rental. You Know It Makes Sense". You could have comprehensive regular service, no costly repair bills and a free replacement service. Rent your hair! Wot a spiffing gimmick.

Wonder if "Ambassador" made money on it? Doubt it. Still, nice to see some people were trying...

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