Friday, January 19, 2018

Platform Shoes - So 1970s? Er, Not Only...

Portuguese-Brazilian actress and samba singer Carmen Miranda helped to popularise the platform shoe in the 1930s and 1940s. The 1970s dragged them back as a "new" fashion.

You know, when me and my cousin Sue went round to see our dear grandmother in 1973, Sue wanted to shock. She was teetering on a pair of massive platform shoes and she thought they would stun Gran and draw growls of disapproval from her. But Gran was thrilled: "platform soles! How lovely! I used to wear them! The higher the better!"

Of course, Sue was not happy. "You can't have worn them, Nana, they're a new fashion!"

"I can assure you I did, my duck," said Gran serenely.

And, of course, hard though it was for arrogant youth to envisage, its "brand new fashion" had been around before!

And, in the case of platform shoes, worn by that generation's grandmothers.

Never mind.

Lovely Carmen with just some of her platforms.

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