Sunday, August 29, 2004

Radio Rentals Colour - Highly Superior!

A newspaper advertisement from November 1978.

It's great to see the remote control sets, but these wouldn't be making their debut in my family home for several years yet. The reasons? A) lack of money and B) we didn't see the point. Nowadays, of course, I wouldn't stand for a telly without remote control in my house.

In those days, we didn't have a video recorder, either. Only 5% of UK households had them in 1980. Yes 1980 - amazing, isn't it?

Mind you, what you'd never had you never missed and we didn't realise we were living in the dark ages. We rented a colour telly in 1978 (colour had arrived in 1967) , with a coin meter on the back, but we couldn't afford to keep feeding the meter, so we went back to our old black and white set. The horizontal hold was "going" - the picture was a thin band across the screen (people on our telly looked like eggs on legs) - but we were used to it.

And that was how it was until the early 1980s!

I liked the Radio Rentals telly ad (I have so many 60s, 70s and 80s telly jingles lodged in my brain!). "Radio Rentals Colour" was sung, and then a posh female voice (Penelope Keith's?) said: "Highly superior!"

Seems like yesterday...

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