Saturday, August 28, 2004

1979: Grown-Ups Were Eating "Our" Rice Krispies. Apparently.

It's 1979, and on the telly (pre-strike!!) and in the TV Times a militant boy is on a crusade to stop grown-ups from eating Rice Krispies. Nice little ads - but barbecued Rice Krispies?!

Back in the 1970s, my mother dismissed the idea of barbecued food as "foreign muck" so I'd never tried it.

Nowadays I love it, but I think I'll leave out the recipe here.


terri said...

Hi, has anyone got the tv advert of the Rice Krispie family, with the catchprase "Where have you been Edward ?", with the girl in curly braides and the children sitting around the kitchen table, from about 1979/80 ?
Thank you.

Andy said...

Hi, Terri! Are you sure the ad was for Rice Krispies and of the 1979/1980 date? I have an ad for a travel agency from the 1980s, around 1984, and there is a little girl with a teddy bear called Edward.